Expedition "Petite Bordure"

7 days driving in all-terrain vehicles and camping out under the stars

Agadez - Vallée d'Assada - Timia - Issawane - Ilekane - Tezirzeït - Iferouane - Agadez

Sand dune

Fertile valleys, Touareg encampments and small villages,
gardens and oases,
contrasting landscapes: sand dunes, ridges jutting up from the desert, volcanic islands surrounded by dunes, funeral monuments and stone engravings.

Expedition Grande Bordure

10 days in all terrain vehicles and camping out

Agadez - Vallée d'Iko - Iférouane - Iwellen - Temet et Montagnes Bleues - Tebet - Ilekane - Assara - Timia - Assada - Agadez

4 4x4

Fertile valleys, Touareg encampments, large oases and gardens,
the beautiful sites of Dabous and Iwellen with their stunning engravings of animals, people, a chariot and hunting scenes.

4 days of touring the grandeur of the dunes with its unique landscapes: stone islands and volcanic peaks rising from the dunes, green valleys in the midst of the sand, immense Neolithic [tumuli] on the hillsides.

Expedition Grande Crossing from the Air to the Djado

12 Days in all terrain vehicles tenting in open-air campsites

Agadez - Arbre du Ténéré - Fachi - Bilma - Falaise du Kawar - Djado - Ténéré du Tafassasset - grandes dunes d'Agamgam et Arakao - Issawane - Ilekane -Chiriet - Tezirzeït - Iférouane - Agadez

In the Djado : The Arc of Orida

Cross the Grand Erg of Bilma and meet Touareg camel caravans. Experience the magic of the oasis of Fachi lost in the sand.

Discover ancestral salt mines of Kalala at the gates of Bilma; the coolness of the palm grove and the springs of the oasis of Bilma;
the country of the Kanouri and Toubou; the length of the cliff of Kawar and Djado;
the colonial vestige of the fort Pacot de Chirfa;

A fort in the Djado

The majestic Djado with its gigantic sandstone sculptures and imposing peaks; the mysterious ruins of the ksours (fortified settlements) of Djado, Djaba and Dabassa.

Experience the Tenere: nothing but a point of reference on the horizon, only the immensity and the flatness of the desert of Tafassasset for an unforgettable starry night.
Contrasting landscapes: somber mountains and gigantic dunes on the border of the massif of the Air.
Visit many Neolithic sites throughout the journey.

Camel Trek (or Meharee) on the border of the Air

12 days with 7 days walking with camels and packsaddles and camping out

Transfer on four wheel drive: Agadez - Oasis de Timia - Vallée du Zagado - Marche et/ou méharée : Zagado - Illekane - Chiriet -Tebet - Tezirzeït.
Transfer on four wheel drive: Tézirzeït - Iférouane - Dabous - Agadez


View volcanic mountains and visit green valleys with Touareg encampments. Camp in oasis gardens. Walk through the dunes in the high mountain environment (altitude of 2000 meters).
Camp in the dunes bordering the Air.
Meet Touareg shepherds at their wells.
Observe prehistoric sites: funeral monuments, stone implements, shards of pottery, stone engravings.

Discover Niger Expedition

21 days Niamey to Niamey to organize according to your interests (depending on the season)...

A wild giraffe

Niamey, the capital of Niger: jewelry artisans, weavers, potmakers, leather goods, colorful and animated markets, the national ethnographic museum.

The game park, Parc W: in the savannah along the banks of the Niger River, elephants, lions, antelopes, buffaloes, warthogs, monkeys, birds, crocodiles...

One hour from the capital, an incredible sight: dozens of wild giraffes who live and forage in the bush.

The civilization along the Niger River on board a pirogue: island fishing villages shaded by hundred year old mango trees, hippopotamuses, many aquatic birds.

Agadezthe town at the gates of the Saharan desert: the old quarter with its traditional houses, impressive mosque, camel market, art of Touareg artisans (jewelry, dyes, leather work, baskets, sculptures, camel saddles, traditional nomadic objects).

The Air Massif in 4 wheel vehicles, on camelback or on foot: oasis with Touareg encampments and villages, the immensity, silence and beauty of the Tenere desert with its huge dunes (300 meters) adjacent to the mountains (2000 meters).

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